Let's Take A Break

Posted on: July 18th, 2023

Break Time

My motivation to work on the site is low this week. I've been tinkering with the backend, but I need a pause. I work so much faster and more efficiently when I'm motivated to get something accomplished.

I've been looking forward to working on the homepage for a week. But now that I'm off work, the motivation isn't there. So I'll take a break and work on it when the mood strikes. I haven't played video games in a while, so I might take a breather and play Team Fortress. It's an excellent game for shutting off your brain and killing some folks.

Dark Theme

The dark theme is finally going for mobile devices. Just click Lights Out in the menu. I did have a toggle button in the header for switching back and forth, but I like the text link better, so I decided to go that route.

Legalize It

I could just be stoned from the secondhand smoke from the apartment beside me. 

I'm all for the legalization of most things. We should take warning labels off of everyday items as well. 

I believe you can do whatever you want unless it negatively impacts me. Then we have a problem. I'm willing to make some concessions. For instance, my neighbor may have a medical condition that requires the use of marijuana. I don't believe he does, but regardless, he could not be a dick and take some gummies, but I digress.

I've been non-confrontational about it so far.  I've opened my door several times and yelled at them; it's probably not the best solution. But it usually works for a few days.

I could try talking to them, but pot smokers will smoke regardless. So I don't see the point. Plus, the guys that live there seem like assholes as well.

The maintenance guys in our complex also frequent the apartment, so telling the front office about it will not work out too well for me.

A police officer moved in below us, and my girlfriend overheard the neighbors and the maintenance guys talking about it. They were not happy to have a cop living in the building, so maybe that will keep them from smoking as much. It wouldn't be so bad if they would step outside or open a window so the smoke would vent out afterward, but instead, it lingers for hours.

Hell, I probably wouldn't care if it was good weed. I'm not a smoker, but I can tell the difference between quality weed and trash weed. That shit is trash. Generally, if I catch a whiff of weed in the air, I like the smell, but this stuff? The shit gives me a headache, like skunk weed stored in dirty socks for a few years.

It was probably smuggled here up someone's ass. That's what it smells like, anyways.

Let's Game It Out

So I'll play from Team Fortress and maybe make quotes for Wisedocks. Hopefully, the mood will hit me to work on the homepage this week, but until inspiration strikes me, I'll work on something else. I don't want to phone it in to get it finished. I would rather take my time and do this right. I'm in no hurry.  

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