Bring Back The Funny

Bring Back The Funny
Posted on: November 1st, 2023

I'm a random shit poster.

It's time to get back to the meme game. Let me explain.

I scroll through social media about as much as the next person, rarely posting myself. But from time to time, I get on a roll and start shit posting like crazy, specifically on Facebook. Quite a few of my online friends find my posts funny or at least entertaining, but just as many found it annoying. So I thought I would fix that problem last year, then down the rabbit hole I went. This is a story about how my scatterbrain works, how came to be, how it has changed repeatedly, and how I'm about to make a small change once again.

A Facebook Page to separate my random posts

So, last year, I started posting memes to my old Facebook page that I started back in 2010. I hadn't posted to it in many years. Back then, I loved building websites, and that page came about from one of the websites I ran called If that wasn't the name, it was something similar. So anyway, I started posting to it again to the glee of all of the 50 followers that page had garnered many years ago.

The page name was dailycrazypix. I was no longer a fan of the name my older self came up with, so I set out to rename the page. My uncle came on board this time as he is an avid shit poster himself. We threw names back and forth to each other until I finally decided on FartDump. It's stupid and fits the name of a meme page well.

So off we went, posting away. A few weeks into both of us posting random memes, I thought we needed to start making our own memes and stop stealing everyone else's. I began creating new memes and posting them to the page.

That's around when the light bulbs started going off in my head. We need a website to host all of these new memes. So, I bought the domain and installed WordPress to create a simple blog to post the latest memes. 

This turned into me making sarcastic posts similar to the I loved this idea and was having a blast with it. I was even spending money advertising on Facebook; we quickly swelled to over 6,000 followers in just a few short weeks, and everything was going great for about a month. 

Facebook Jail

That's when Facebook started taking down our posts. I was getting hit left and right with TOS violations. None of them violated TOS except one, and it was stupid.

It was a meme that we took from another Facebook page with a picture of El Chapo and is a screenshot from the actual news. But it was considered glorifying a criminal. Unfortunately, this was also around the time that Facebook was laying off tons of people, so there were not enough humans to overturn many posts that their AI had determined to be TOS violations. So we were and still are in Facebook jail. At least until around Christmas time this year, 2023. That will be a year from the last violation, and we should be back in good standing.

When you get a TOS violation, it stays with the page and the admin that made the post for one year. So not only is FartDump's FB page on a soft ban but so is my personal account. So even if I do post, only about 5 or 6 people will see the post.

Google got mad

Around this time, the Ukraine war was becoming a reality. So, I made a sarcastic post about a particular Russian leader. Google was not having it and froze my AdSense account on this website. They deemed it glorification, but it was anything but, I promise you that. So, the tech companies didn't like my sense of humor, which was becoming frustrating.

Another Direction

I decided to hang it up with this website and concentrate on my other website, But I couldn't let FartDump go; the name had grown on me, and I loved the idea of shit-posting. During this past year, I also grew frustrated with WordPress; the number of plugins I needed and related updates was a headache. And most everything is behind a paywall, it seemed.

I'm not a great programmer by any means, but I know enough to build a simple website, so I started using to build a new simple CMS (Content Management System) for all of my websites just for me to use. I've implemented it here and on but still have not pulled the trigger on That's a big project that I haven't the energy to tackle yet. But this gave me greater freedom to build the site and display it how I wanted to.

So far, I've only been posting personal things, talking about my progress on the CSM here at FartDump, and using the image gallery to post what I like to call the leftovers from my AI image endeavors. But I would like to change that. 

I've thought about adding memes here that I make and everything I post on social media. I realize memes are going out of style, but I still love them, so even if they don't do well, I don't care. I may start returning to the sarcastic Onion. com-type posts here and make them funny. Over the past year, I've made less than 1 dollar from ads on this site. So, if Google doesn't like one of my posts, I would be willing to oblige them by not serving their ads here.

I like comedy and love a good laugh. If I could turn this website into something fun and entertaining for even just myself, I would consider that a victory. We all need a good laugh these days.

So that's my plan for the future. I've been going at these websites for about a year and have figured out what I want from them. They are hobbies of mine, and I sometimes lose sight of that, but I know what to do now. Hopefully, this is my last serious post on; it's time to get stupid and live up to its name.

As I used to say at the end of my posts, Goodbye, Fuckers, I love you!

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