Losing Focus

Losing Focus
Posted on: October 3rd, 2023

I always lose focus

I've always been a dreamer, constantly devising new ways to side-hustle my way to additional income. Fortunately, my job allows me four days off a week while still covering the bills. Most of my colleagues take on a second job, but that approach has never resonated with me, primarily because it usually translates to working every single day of the week. I almost took a work-from-home position to supplement my income, but decided that I really didn't want to embark on that journey. More responsibilities, more stress. 

So, I decided to reignite my website, attempting to monetize it for a bit of side income. I fully understood that it could be a significant investment of time and money and might not pan out. A year ago, I was all in, ready to gamble with the understanding of the commitment it would demand.

Fast forward to today, one year later, and for the last month, I've spent about 10 hours a day playing video games on my days off, scarcely touching what has expanded into three websites. 

At one point, I was blogging daily on FartDump, or one of its iterations, and creating several quote images on Wisedocks.com, while also crafting at least one long-form article a week on StellarHistory.com. I've taken down more content than I currently have up, so it may not be evident, but I was truly pushing until about a month ago.

I knew this might happen, as nearly all websites fail within the first year. The work that goes into these sites can be overwhelming and, with attention spans at an all-time low, most of that work seems to be in vain. Very few people read anymore. If your content isn’t in video form, it seems you're just wasting your time.

"So get with the times and make videos, old man!", you might say. The thing is, well, I don’t want to. I like what I'm doing and, although I may have burned myself out by going too hard, too fast, I still enjoy blogging like it's 2003.

Moving On

But fear not, this isn’t my "I give up!" post. This is my "I'm going to take it easy and have fun with it." post. It’s unfortunate that I pulled back from Wisedocks just as it was gaining traction and followers, but it's not like I completely lost the audience. I still plan to continue creating my quotes and posting on FartDump, but I refuse to force myself to do so simply to churn out content for content’s sake. Months may go by before I post anything online, but I have no intention of letting the websites go. I will post when I feel the need to express myself or have something noteworthy to share. Until then, I'll see ya around.

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