Lost Track Of Time

Lost Track Of Time
Posted on: September 28th, 2023

Where did the time go?

A month ago, I felt overwhelmed with my websites and realized I needed a break. Although initially having a hard time letting go, I decided to revisit the game "Satisfactory" and start afresh. It ranks just below "Factorio" on my list of all-time favorite games. Both games are incredibly addicting. Since I began the new game, I've spent most of my time glued to my pc and haven't accomplished much else.

So after a month of non-stop factory building, I think the itch has been scratched. The image above is from the first week. I enjoy building large spaghetti factories initially and then fixing them up to look nice and funtion better later. Below is what the base looks like after I rebuilt most of it and boxed it in.

Pusgetti Factory

Pusgetti factory

The Pusgetti factory now builds Fused Modular Frames and Radio Control Units for the HomeBase. There they are turned into Pressure Conversion Cubes and eventually 10 Nuclear Pasta per minute. The HomeBase also builds most of the weapons and ammo as well as a place to drop off and process items found in the world.

Satisfactory HomeBase

I eventually got tired of setting up factories and started building a small town on the water just down the coast from Pusgetti.

Water Town - Satisfactory

This is "Water Town", If you look close you can see the Tesla Cybertrucks roaming around the town. There are two fully functional fueling stations that keep the cybertrucks topped off. There is a personal train station, a car dealership, insurance company, and hypertube rides business so far. I have plans to expand this little town out quite a bit.

The Plains

This  smaller factory is in the plains and builds around 3 or 4 Thermal Propulsion Rockets per minute. That doesn't sound like a lot but the process is pretty crazy.

Satisfactory The Plains

Satisfactory The Plains

There is quite a bit more to this world so I may just take some more screenshots of the other various factories and power plants when I get back on the game and share them here. 

The Old Plains Base from Update 3?

I have really been wanting to start over and build a massive base off of the spiral coast where all raw materials are brought in by train and turned into Nuclear Pasta and Thermal Propulsion Rockets. I did something similar a few years ago in the plains when I first started playing this game. Most resources where brought in from a large train setup on a storage building called the Silo and routed throughout the base. Each building produced a different item and there was a whole subfloor for conveyor belts. I had so much fun building that base.

Satisfactory The Silo

Just imagine how nice I could make this look now. I unfortunatley deleted this save as it was built around update 3, I think. For context here is a close up of the Silo building next to some fuel generators.

Satisfactory The Silo Up Close

The train station on top was built in the sky which I hate now but it ran around the world collecting all resources and there were like three seperate trains all doing the same thing to keep the factory running.

Train Station The Silo


So check back in again if you play Satisfactory as I will keep adding to it as I add more things. I may add a video of a train ride around the world to give you an idea of where everything is being built in the new build. I may just keep my existing world and build off of water town to create a massive base on the water that brings in all resources and expand on that 3 to 4 Thermal Propulsion Rockets per minute. Going for something like 20 per minute would be a crazy task but would keep me busy until the new updates come out. I'm currently playing Update 8 in experimental and its a bit buggy.

I've actually had more crashes and freezes on this experimental branch than I ever had with this game. But Coffee Stain Studios did update the games engine to Unreal Engine 5 which has made the game so much more beautiful that it has been worth it. I have lumen turned on and it can be apparent if you notice all of the glass roofs on the buildings. It can be very dark with lumen turned on but the difference literally is night and day in the game. I've had to use lots more lighting and signs for lights just to see inside during the daytime.

I really enjoy plaing video games but never bother recording when I do so. I tend to build fairly large when I play these types of games compared to some other people I see on YouTube so it would be fun to share them with everyone. I'll try to do better at showing the builds off as I know there is quite a bit of interest in them. I myself get lots of inspiration from some of the larger gamers out there. So stay tuned.

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