Should We Pay The President More?

Should We Pay The President More?
Posted on: July 4th, 2024

In recent years, the need for better presidential candidates has become clear. With Trump pushing for a dictatorship and Biden too cenile to govern effectively, it's worth considering whether we should pay the President of the United States a much higher salary, similar to what top CEOs make.

Right now, the presidency attracts mostly wealthy individuals who might be out of touch with regular citizens and are often seeking the position for prestige rather than genuine public service. If we offered a more substantial financial incentive, it might encourage smarter and more capable people to run for president and other positions in Congress.

So, should we pay the President millions of dollars a year to attract better leaders? Hear me out and let me know what you think.


Increasing the President's salary to a level similar to top CEOs could attract highly qualified individuals from various professional backgrounds who might otherwise avoid public service due to financial concerns. More competitive pay might also encourage intelligent, capable people to run for office, assured of their financial security.

Higher salaries could reduce the temptation for corruption by lessening the need to misuse power for personal gain. A well-compensated president might feel less pressured to engage in backdoor deals or accept donations from special interest groups, promoting transparency and accountability.

Increasing the salary could signal the seriousness and importance of the presidency, aligning it more closely with the responsibilities and pressures of the role.


However, there are drawbacks. A significant increase in the presidential salary might be viewed negatively by the public, especially during economic hardship, creating a perception of elitism. If not handled correctly, the increase could be seen as prioritizing personal gain over public service, eroding trust in governmental institutions.

There is also a risk that candidates motivated primarily by financial gain might not embody the public service ethos required for effective governance. High salaries alone might not deter demagogues or populists who seek power for reasons beyond financial gain, as history has shown with various political leaders.

While the president's salary is a small fraction of the federal budget, significantly increasing it could be controversial, especially if the funds could be used for public programs. Moreover, increasing the president’s salary could set a precedent for other political offices, leading to demands for higher pay across the board and complicating budget allocations.


To ensure that candidates are not just wealthy individuals seeking prestige, systemic changes such as campaign finance reform and public funding for campaigns are needed to level the playing field. Addressing concerns about the age and effectiveness of current candidates might require solutions like term limits or health and competency evaluations rather than salary adjustments alone.

Comprehensive political reforms aimed at reducing the influence of money in politics and increasing transparency might be more effective than merely increasing salaries. Initiatives to foster a culture of public service and civic responsibility could be more beneficial in the long run, ensuring that the most qualified and dedicated individuals seek office.

I think it's obvious that one or more of these reforms would be a better, it will most certainly not happen at this point. Politics has became a team sport. Both sides will back their team captain regardless of what type of person they are.


Perhaps we should update the qualifications to include a specific political degree, set upper age limits, and require rigorous independent cognitive tests. I think any or all of these ideas should be able to garner bipartisan support easily. I know the people have been screaming for it long enough. Hit the contact link at the bottom of the page and let me know what you think.

We are slowly watching our country collapse from within and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Screw it, I'll start learning to speak Mandarin. 再见,我爱你 

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