I Have Too Many Websites

I Have Too Many Websites
Posted on: July 8th, 2023

Just Shut It Down!

So I have four websites currently up and running. I enjoy building sites but don't really have a reason for one. I ran Wisedocks.com for several years back in the 2000s. It was a blog, forums, arcade... you name it, I added it. 

I didn't really care for the content; I just loved building the site. The same thing is going on right now with FartDump.

This site was started via a Facebook page that shared memes. I was making my own memes and wanted to add them here too. But Facebook doesn't have a very good sense of humor, so they have me and all of my pages soft-banned for the next year or so.

So I have recently shut this site down and brought it back online several times since. I was on the verge of letting this domain go when I decided to toy around and build a site from scratch like I would in the old days.

I've made this post a few times.

I've made a post like this several times on all the websites. I was basically typing out loud about what my websites do. Wisedocks.com has turned into a full fledge quotes website because that is what is doing well on social media.

I had a little bit of everything on the site before making the move to quotes. So I moved all of my history and astronomy posts that I had there over to a new domain, StellarHistory.com.

The other website that I can't seem to get going on is The NWA Experience. That's not a wrestling website; NWA stands for Northwest Arkansas, where I live. This area is actually booming right now despite being in Arkansas. The site was supposed to be a blog/resource for newcomers to the area.

There is just one thing I didn't think about while making the website. I don't get out and am very anti-social. I do enjoy biking and visiting museums and parks, but writing about them can seem forced.

I would rather use a blog like FartDump, where I can speak my mind. Let's face it, with a name like FartDump; I'm setting the bar pretty low to begin with. I felt I needed to remain professional on the NWAExperience to make it work. I don't really want to do that.

On FartDump, I feel like I can be myself and say, "fuck" if it pleases me.

I like having a blog where I can talk about whatever I want without worrying about staying on topic. Whatever I talk about is the topic here. I now know that I need to stop taking this site down and embrace it. 

It has grown on me

The name FartDump has grown on me. So I think this will be my new home. Wisedocks.com has always been my baby, and I will continue to work on it. I'll be reworking that whole site once I get the software finished on this site. FartDump is being developed into a CMS that I am customizing only to have the features that I need for only me. 

It's lightweight and fast as fuck, for now. Hopefully, I can keep it that way.

That said, I will finally give the NWA Experience the axe and put it out of its misery. There are like four posts over there that I won't cry about once they are deleted. There is one that I like, the haunted house directory for my area. I may bring that over here before hitting delete.

SEO be damned

While I'll be adding some SEO features to the software, I won't be too worried about actually implementing them on FartDump. I honestly don't care if anyone sees my posts. I only make posts to get my thoughts out while also adding some content to the site. 

This is a hobby for me; if no one sees it, I really don't care.

This will also be a test. Many website owners spend an enormous amount of time on SEO. I'm probably wrong, but if you add good content and keep the website fast, you will do just fine in search engines. With AI blowing up this past year, I don't think SEO will be relevant in the next few years anyhow.

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