I got bit by a dog

I got bit by a dog
Posted on: July 5th, 2023

My 4th of July

So there I was, sucking on some titties.... no, wait... wrong story. Let me start over. 
Yesterday was Independence Day, and I made myself leave the house to watch some fireworks. I left a little early as I was getting hungry. I stopped by Chuy's in Rogers for some tacos and a beer or three. Their food wasn't too shabby, and the location was close to the fireworks. Several fireworks shows are happening in the general area, so it's the place to be if you want to see explosions.
There is one spot across the interstate from Chuy's where you can watch three displays simultaneously. But you spend a lot of time turning your head in every which direction. So I decided to watch Walmart's show. 
They shoot theirs near the Amp, which is usually a pretty good show. So I filled myself up on tacos and beer and went outside. I grabbed my chair and climbed a hill next to the Amp. I was buzzing pretty hard at this point. I knew it would be a while before I was driving again, so I might have had one too many. 
But I was quiet and minding my own business when an elderly lady's chipper little poodle had a bit too much leash. The dog came out of nowhere and bit my leg. I'm not going to lie; I was buzzing so hard I thought the dog licked me and just kept walking. I heard the lady scold her dog as I searched for a spot to sit.
About 30 seconds later, I started feeling pain in my calf. I looked down, and blood was rolling down my leg. There were two holes where the dog's canines got a good grip on me.


The alcohol kept me from feeling much pain. By the time the fireworks were over, and the alcohol was wearing off, the pain and swelling were minimal. The fireworks weren't anything to write home about, but it was a decent show. Being up on the hill, we were surrounded by everyone's fireworks, though, so it was pretty cool to see that.

Demolition Derby

I'm confident that most people attending the firework show had somewhere else to be in a hurry because everyone acted incredibly selfish and dumb while attempting to exit the parking lot I was parked in. The parking lot I was in had not been paved yet, so when people were getting upset and cutting each other off, quite a bit of rocks were being thrown around from people spinning tires to go five feet in the other direction.
Like most of you, I understand that with large events, traffic will take time to funnel to the major highways once they are over. So I just sat back and watched as it all unfolded. I got more entertainment from watching stupid people than watching the fireworks.


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