Hiding From The Heat

Hiding From The Heat
Posted on: August 1st, 2023

I was looking forward to an afternoon bike ride; the hope was for the temperature to subside as the sun dropped. However, a quick weather check revealed a sweltering 95 degrees with a 108 heat index. So my forecast for today is, "Fuck That!"

I've spent a lot of time recently working on the website software project, which I jokingly call FartDump since I'm developing it here. Last week, I moved it to a new website, StellarHistory.com. The next big thing I must do is move my other website, Wisedocks.com, onto this new software. This is going to be a big job and could take weeks. I'm not in a rush to start, though, because I wasn't planning to do this until next year.

Today's really hot, so it might be a good day to start on that project. But I'm just not in the mood. Coding can be fun, but it's not what I'm best at, and it can be really tiring. I've been making minor changes to the site over the past few days, which helps me feel like I'm making progress. I might keep making small changes until I feel ready to start on the big Wisedocks project.

Niche is better

Wisedocks.com used to have all the articles that are now on StellarHistory.com and even more. But, moving the history and astronomy articles to a separate site turned out to be a good move. StellarHistory.com, which was just put together to keep about 30 important articles safe, started getting more visitors than FartDump and Wisedocks combined just a few weeks after it was created.

This made me realize that websites focused on specific topics do better. I've started to question whether it was the right move to change Wisedocks into a quotes site, especially as the number of visitors has gone down recently. This could be because the site's running slow.

Even with fewer visitors, Wisedocks still does better as a quotes site than when it had all kinds of stuff on it. Despite my worries, I've put a lot of effort into creating the quote pictures on the site, so I won't be changing its focus. I'm sure I'll find a way to make it successful in the future.

Social Media

I'm hoping that Facebook will lift its soft ban on my accounts in October for the Wisedocks account. My goal is to get more followers and visitors to the site. I plan to keep sharing quotes on social media and hope they become popular. Even if that doesn't happen, I still enjoy working on the site, so I won't be upset.

Working on these websites has made me use programming skills I haven't used in nearly ten years. No matter what happens to the websites, the things I've learned will definitely be helpful in the future. So, I'm going to keep pushing myself. But I won't be going outside because it's too hot.

After spending the last three days working 12 hours a day in this hot weather and being completely drenched in sweat, the thought of going out in the heat isn't appealing. I read an article yesterday that said July 2023 was the hottest month globally in over 150,000 years. Everyone, stay cool!

Suicide Jello

I had a bit of a sweet tooth this evening, and while rummaging through the cupboards, I noticed six or seven boxes of jello had been collecting dust for a few years now. They were outdated, so I did the responsible thing and threw them away.

Nah, I'm too frugal for that. I threw them all together and mixed in some fresh-cut fruit. There were four different flavors, so I just mixed them all up. I bet it will not taste great, but sugar is sugar when you have a sweet tooth.

Tomorrow I'll probably be posting about how the jello made me sick.

Quick update: That shit was fire. This gave me a thought. I cobble together some hideous meals, so I should start a recipes category on the site for recipes that are dumb as shit just for the shock value. It works for 5-minute crafts. I still watch their videos just for the laughs.

I used to post dumb meal ideas on Facebook and always got a good response from people laughing or asking, "WTF!"

Just a thought.

Recipe #1 - Suicide Jello

Get ALL of the Jello and make it; add cherries and mango cut up. Eat that shit.

Bonus: Substitute the cold water with vodka, and nobody will give a damn if you mess it up.

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