Looking Good

Looking Good
Posted on: July 14th, 2023

Looking Good

I've been working on the admin panel's UI today and reworking the form layouts on the front end. I touched every page on the site with at least a few cosmetic changes. The front page got the least love because it will get a complete makeover soon. 

That's the plan at the moment. I now have the ability only to show specific blog posts on the homepage. This will allow me to continue to post my nonsense but only put the better or more important posts on the homepage.

The plan is to post some blog posts to the homepage, and on the right or on top, if you're on mobile, there will be 10 AI images. I'll show the top 10 downloaded images on the homepage, and the rest will be moved to a gallery similar to what the homepage is now. The only difference is that you can sort by category if you choose. 

Eventually, I'll add a search function for the AI images and the blog posts. It's on the list.

Time to go back to work

I work Saturday evening through Tuesday morning. It's a weird work schedule, but it allows me to pack all of my hours into about three days. On those days, practically nothing gets done as far as websites go. The little bit of time I have between shifts, I spend sleeping. 

This still allows me four days a week to work on my websites. In fact, I spend more time working on these websites than I do working, so I can't complain. It's a labor of love that I hope to monetize one day.

I could now if I wanted to. It doesn't take much to slap together a flashy-looking website with pre-made templates and then charge people to build and host a website for them. I've tried that before, but it's not fun.

Where is this going?

I'm not sure what FartDump will be eventually. I plan to continue developing software I can utilize on my other websites to speed them up. FartDump will be the development site that I build this software on. So it will continue as my blog site while I do so.

The plan is to stay laid back about the coding part. I don't want to burn myself out. So I'll continue to work on this site for the next year or so. Hopefully, by then, I'll have the infrastructure in place and the know-how to easily convert my other websites to this software without having to move everything over manually.

I'll regret this later, but I wanted to share a screenshot of the admin panel. So I can look back and laugh at how simple it was a year from now. The admin section is its own website within a website. It will eventually control every aspect of FartDump and all of its features. 

admin panel

This is just the landing page that shows how many visitors I get. As you can see, it's very little. Typically less than five people a day find this site at the moment. That may increase as I get more content onto the site and it gets indexed into the search engines.

But I don't plan to advertise the site. Again, this is just a development site more than anything. I do plan to make posts about different subjects. But if my history has taught me anything, I'll delete all these posts and turn FartDump into something else entirely. I have started a personal blog on this domain three times now. 

Once I get going, I think of something else to do with the site, tear it down, and start over. This time it's more personal, though. Building the site from scratch with only a text editor and many Google searches trying to get my code to work have turned this website into my baby.

The first two times, I would install WordPress and start shit posting. So I have more invested in the site this time.

Bird Brains

I like my style of writing. It usually starts off on one subject and quickly turns into something else entirely. By the end of the posts, I'll leave you wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I'm like that in real life as well.

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